2004-08-01 Mrs. Watson Wants Your Teeth by Alison McGhee Hardcover
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Mrs. Watson Wants Your Teeth
By Alison McGhee
4.7 out of 5 stars (9 Reviews)
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Publisher:  Harcourt Children's Books
Edition:  1st
Published:  August 1, 2004
Binding:  Hardcover
Pages:  36
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Product Description:
Sure, first-grade teacher Mrs. Watson may look human, but it is a known and proven fact that she is actually a three-hundred-year-old alien who steals baby teeth from her students.

Thank goodness for a second grader's warning, because this little first grader has a secret: She has a loose tooth! Her first! How will she make it through an entire year without opening her mouth?

Told with the same gentle wit as in their first irresistible collaboration, Countdown to Kindergarten, this lighthearted take on losing one's first tooth will have children and parents laughing aloud.
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4.0 out of 5 stars.  Cool story not scary, May 01, 2012
By Sami Jadran
My first grade son likes this story. It is about a 1st grade student who was told a lie by the 2nd grader that Mrs. Watsons wants well all her student's teeth. She is scared first, but then she finds out the truth and knows that it was only a rumor. My son could relate to this story because he hears story about teachers in his school which are not true most of the time. This story started a great conversation with my child about rumors what to believe and what not to regarding what he hears from other kids in the school or in the bus.

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5.0 out of 5 stars.  grat book, March 22, 2012
By meera
miss watons wants your teeth is a grate book. you gise shde reid this book.I liked this because my mom is a dentis and she puls out my teeth and I get a awesam prize.

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By D. Blankenship
This is the story of a little girl who is about to enter first grade. It is a hilarious look at the fears all children have when facing this turning point in their lives.

"I have a secret...First Grade starts today, and I' m in BIG trouble"

"It's a known fact that Mrs. Wilson, the first-grade teacher, is a three-hundred-year-old alien who steals baby teeth from the students. How do I know?" A Second Grader told me!"

I am not sure who will enjoy this work more, the child or the adult. This author has a wonderful sense of humor which shines through on every page and ever line. The story follows this little girl through her first day of school and her more than humorous attempts at protecting her baby teeth.

The art work by Harry Bliss is cute to say the least and fits the story line perfectly. Do take note that each and every picture should be examined very thoroughly...actually examine it two or three times, as there are dozens of subtle little pictures and quirks here and there; you are sure to miss several upon only one read. The "tooth gags" are endless and are sprinkled liberally about the pages.

I truthfully am not sure if I like the text or the art more in this one.

Of course the book has a good serious lesson that kids need to catch-on to quickly, i.e. don't believe all the tall tales your older school mates and siblings tell you and that reality is not as bad as what your imagination might bring you.

It should be noted that many of the visual humor in this book may be a bit too sophisticated or the little ones but that does not matter. This does not distract from the overall work and there is certainly no law that says that an adult should not be able to enjoy a book as it is being read to a child.

I very much recommend this one and if you are unlucky enough not to have kids to read it to, go ahead and give it a shot anyway, you will love it.

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks

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4.0 out of 5 stars.  Spooky and funny!, October 01, 2009
By Nancy
A little girl has some concerns as she starts first-grade. The story is told in the first person, and is immediately appealing from page 1. Her fears revolve around her first loose tooth, and the stuff that a second-grader tells her that causes her worry. Great story and funny, clever and cute illustrations with highly amusing background activity, and our girl wins on all fronts. When I introduced this book to my kids, I thought that the cover illustration and the story might seem scary, but they love this one. I think this covers and helps resolve children's fears: reticence at starting a new year, with a new teacher, and other new things that come with age: dealing with bigger kids, and the excitement of getting new teeth! Mrs. Watson Wants Your Teeth

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4.0 out of 5 stars.  Mrs. Watson Wants Your Teeth, May 23, 2007
By Kid's Review
I would recommend this book because it was a funny book!

My favorite character was Mrs. Watson because she wanted to yank out every body's teeth. I t was funny!

My favorite part is when she was trying to yank out all of her student's teeth!

This is my favorite part because it is funny! But it probably hurt the kids.

By: Heather Q

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5.0 out of 5 stars.  Hilarious!!!, November 26, 2005
By L.C.
Children will love the silly plot and the gags in every illustration! Most of the story is told in comic-book-like form, with speech bubbles and pictures.

The book is about a young girl who is starting first grade with Mrs. Watson as her teacher. A second grader informs her that Mrs. Watson is actually an alien, with a purple tongue, who needs a never-ending supply of earthling baby teeth to take back to her alien galaxy. Unfortunately for the first grader, she has a loose tooth! She decides to not talk in class in order to hide the fact that her tooth is loose. Can she survive first grade without ever opening her mouth? Read to find out what happens! You'll enjoy it, guaranteed! MAke sure to look at the colorful illustrations!!!!

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