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How to Rock Braces and Glasses
List Price: $16.99
$3.29 (You Save $13.70)
Radiography in a Flash
List Price: $151.95
$86.26 (You Save $65.69)
TheraBreath Mint Flavored Fresh Breath Oral Rinse 16 oz (Pack of 2)  
List Price: $25.19
$14.66 (You Save $10.53)
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DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks, 150 Count (Pack of 6)  
List Price: $26.34
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Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients
List Price: $697.60
$25.00 (You Save $672.60)
Anesthesia Complications in the Dental Office
List Price: $99.99
$69.55 (You Save $30.44)
Oil Pulling Therapy: Detoxifying and Healing the Body Through Oral Cleansing
List Price: $15.95
$10.37 (You Save $5.58)
How to Have Children with Perfect Teeth
List Price: $21.79
$7.75 (You Save $14.04)
Dental Secrets  
List Price: $62.95
$39.63 (You Save $23.32)
Basics of Dental Technology: A Step by Step Approach
List Price: $54.99
$31.95 (You Save $23.04)
Carranza's Clinical Periodontology  
List Price: $145.00
$82.49 (You Save $62.51)
Aven 18425 Curved Utility General Purpose Tweezers, Stainless Steel, 7" Length, 20mm Tip . . .  
List Price: $8.65
$4.87 (You Save $3.78)
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The Art Of The Smile: Integrating Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Dental . . .
List Price: $258.00
$171.36 (You Save $86.64)
The Dental Diet: The Surprising Link Between Your Teeth, Real Food, And Life-Changing . . .  
List Price: $17.99
$12.18 (You Save $5.81)
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