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Synopsis of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (An Update Overview)
By Pradip Ghosh
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Publisher:  Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Edition:  1st
Published:  2012
Binding:  Paperback
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Hardcover  (1st Edition) December 1, 2006 $24.08 $24.95
Product Description:
This book details step-by-step, integrated diagnosis and management of maxillofacial and associated trauma injuries. It goes beyond the surgical management of head and neck trauma and covers general management of traumatic injuries, systematic evaluation of the patient and special considerations are addressed when dealing with uncommon conditions. It meticulously describes every detail which is well researched on impactions, odontogenic and non-odontogenic cysts of the jaws and diseases of the maxillary antrum. A special feature of the book is that authorities from their respective specialty have been freely quoted to make-this evidence-based book mostauthentic in every respect. The analytical observations provide comments and concepts of various specialists for reappraisal and ready reference.
  • 1. Sterilization and Disinfection,
  • 2. Healing of Extracted Socket and Healing of Bone Following Fracture/Surgery,
  • 3. Exodontics or Exodontia,
  • 4. Impaction,
  • 5. Common Precancerous Lesions and Oral Cancer,
  • 6. Biopsy,
  • 7. TM Joint and Its Diseases,
  • 8. Odontogenic and Non-odontogenic Cysts of Jaws,
  • 9. Role of Oral Surgeon in the Adjuvant Management for the Orthodontic Treatment,
  • 10. Pain, PTN and Facial Palsy,
  • 11. Diseases of Maxillary Antrum,
  • 12. Surgical Endodontics,
  • 13. Odontogenic and Non-odontogenic Tumors,
  • 14. Some Soft Tissue Tumors and Central Oral Lesions or Tumors-like Growth,
  • 15. Inflammation of Bone,
  • 16. Various Common Sutures and Suture Techniques,
  • 17. Clinical History and Examination in Oral Surgery and Some Surgical Dictum and Discipline,
  • 18. Orofacial Infection and Its Spread,
  • 19. Excerpts of Orthognathic Surgery,
  • 20. Tidbits of Cryo and Laser Surgery Used in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery,
  • 21. Hemorrhage and Shock,
  • 22. Cleft Lip and Palate,
  • 23. Dental Emergencies,
  • 24. AIDS and Oral Surgery,
  • 25. Maxillofacial Trauma and Management,
  • 26. Diseases of Salivary Gland,
  • 27. Preprosthetic Surgery,
  • 28. Tidbits of Implants and the Role of Oral Surgeon,
  • 29. Excerpts of Osteodistraction Technique,
  • 30. Tissue Transplantation, Flap and Current Concept of Bone Grafting,
  • 31. Tidbits of Commonly Used Therapeutics in Oral Surgery.
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