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Dental Surgical Loupes 3.0x on Ultralight Sport Or Titanium Frame
By MedLite
Availability:  This item is currently not available.
Manufacturer:  MedLite
From our affiliated sellers:
1 New from $299.00
  • Dental Surgical Loupes Applications
  • 3.0x Magnification on Ultralight Sporty Frame
  • Loupes weights only 1.5 oz, excellent image quality
  • Flip-up type loupe adjustable interpupillary distance
  • Adjustable working angle
Product Description:
MedLite Binocular Dental Surgical Loupes on Ultra-light Sporty Safety Frame Model: MedLite 300-14; 300-17; 300-21 Flip-up type loupe on Ultra-light Sporty Safety Frame (only 0.9 oz). Adjustable interpupillary distance and working angle. The advantage of the plastic safety frames is that the weight of the loupe are more uniformly distributed around your head so that it is very comfortable to wear for a long period of time. 3.0x magnification. 17" or 21" working distance.** 4.8" Field of View (max). *Buy this one and email us your working distance options. **You can choose 14", 17" or 21" working distance The working distance is the distance between the object and the user's eyes (not the loupe). Nearsighted vision can cause working distance to appear shorted than the rated value. All loupes can be mounted on clips. Please email us if you need the clip-on option. Brand new including all accessories: * Multi-layer Coated Premium-grade Precision Lenses * Safety Strap * Flip Paddle * A High Quality Micro-fiber Lens Cloth * A Fully Lined Carrying Storage Case Excellent Image. We ship continental US with a flat shipping fee ($9). Buy more to save. We also ship world wide — $35 for one week express delivery around the globe ($30 for Canada). International bidders — please provide a valid phone number as often requested by US postal service for express delivery. If you need further info, please email us.
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