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Kal Dolomite Powder, 16 Ounce
Chiropractors Buying Group
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  • Source of calcium and magnesium for vegans
  • Helps to Strengthen the bones and teeth
  • Limestone rich with approximately equal parts of magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate.
  • Fine consistency which can be blended with any food or beverages.
  • Take 1 teaspoon mixed into beverages or food.
Product Description:
Dolomite is a natural recurring form of calcium and magnesium; for this reason it is going to have many health benefits and effects on the body, as these are two necessary minerals that one should ingest on a daily basis. The most commonly known benefits of taking dolomite include building stronger bones and helping to strengthen the teeth, however there are other benefits many individuals are not aware of. Some of the additional health related benefits you will get from taking dolomite includes: helps with muscle contraction and relaxation; aids in blood clotting, which is extremely necessary for individuals with conditions like hemophilia; assists the nervous system in proper function and recognition; and, greatly reduces the risk of users getting conditions such as osteoporosis, due to the fact that it does have a high level of calcium in the of pill form that you choose to take. The use of dolomite can also help individuals who have issues with poor nerve communications in their body. For those who have a hard time losing weight, or who have certain thyroid conditions, this supplement is also going to be able to help in speeding up the metabolism, which can in turn aid in weight loss if this is a problem you face. And, in some cases, dolomite, when used in conjunction with other supplements, proper diet, and medical attention, can possibly help in curing or lessening the threats and risks of other more serious ailments you might be dealing with. Making sure you use the proper levels, and that you are using dolomite in the proper doses on a daily basis, along with other supplements and health aids, is going to offer muscle support, bone support, and will help building a stronger immune system and function for individuals who are lacking in any of these areas.
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