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Philips Sonicare HX6511/50 Easy Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Philips Sonicare
Average Rating: 3.5 star rating (10 Reviews)
Our Price: $89.90  
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
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  • Patented sonic technology. Includes 2 Optimal Gum Care brush heads
  • Slim handle for comfort and maneuverability
  • Removes up to 2x more plaque than a manual toothbrush
  • 2-minute smartimer helps ensure recommended brushing time with 30 second interval timer
  • Travel Case Included.
Product Description:
From the makers of the number one recommended power toothbrush brand by dental professionals, philips sonicare introduces easyclean. Featuring sonicare’s patented sonic technology, dynamic cleaning action drives fluid between teeth and along the gum line. The new easyclean removes up to 2x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Easyclean includes 1 sonicare toothbrush handle, 1 standard proresults brush head, 1 charger base, and 1 hygienic travel cap. Easyclean is the easy way to improve your oral health. Ease of use features include smart timer, quadpacer, snap on brush head, recharge indicator, and easy- start. Sonicare helps reduce gingivitis and is proven safe on orthodontics, dental work, veneers, implant material, and sensitive teeth.
Most Helpful Customer Reviews:
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5.0 out of 5 stars  Regarding brushing power
By T.T. on November 08, 2013
People should know that this Sonicare brush comes with the "Easy-start" feature activated. That means the brush increases power gradually over the first 14 uses. I think that's why some reviews say it's not as powerful as their other brushes. To turn Easy-start off; attach the brush head on the handle and put the handle on the charger. Then hold for 2 seconds and you should hear a beep. Now, it should run at full power. To turn it back on, do the same and you will hear 2 beeps.

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1.0 out of 5 stars  Low brush output compared to Essence 5600
By Robert A Henningsen on October 22, 2013
I purchased the Easy clean from Amazon. I also own a 10 year old Essence Sonicare. I was immediately disappointed in the Easy clean output. The brushes hardly moved compared to my older Essence. So I returned the Easy clean to Amazon. Then I figured that maybe I got a bad unit. I went to Walmart and purchased a new Easy Clean and a new Essence. I charged and set both to full power (not easy start of ramp-up). I would say that the Essence has twice the brushing power of the newer style Sonicare. I want a brush that really challenges my gums; and that is exactly what Sonicare recommends. They say use the highest settings always. Well the Easy clean is like a massaging brush rather than full power clean. I am keeping the new Essence and returning the Easy Clean. I would bet that all new models have the same problem because of the slender body that keeps side to side vibration in check. The Essence is a trade off in that the user must remove the head after use and wash in under water. It is not a sealed unit. But it's a small price to pay for better performance. Beware that more expensive is NOT better.

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1.0 out of 5 stars  Disappointed
By J. Nations on October 04, 2013
I used to have an older model Sonicare that lasted me almost six years. It would still work, but was falling apart, so my wife bought me this model. I really liked this model and felt the design was an improvement. However after three months, the toothbrush quit charging. I called Sonicare for a replacement toothbrush and charger, but they said they were required to only provide the base first and if that wouldn't work they would send the toothbrush. 10 business days later I got the base, and the toothbrush still wouldn't charge. I called again and was told a toothbrush would be sent to me, but they didn't have anything in stock and there was no timetable they could give me. That makes me suspicious about what is happening at Sonicare - are quality issues the reason they are out of stock? From having to replace so many toothbrushes? Is it just a bad model and they are not stocking it anymore?

I haven't received any answers and am still waiting to hear back from them as to what they will do. Needless to say, I am disappointed.

39 of 45 people found the above review helpful.

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5.0 out of 5 stars  It actually works
By D on September 25, 2013
I was skeptical about buying this because I was doing a good job with my manual toothbrush. This electric does a better job of doing my back molars and it reaches deeper in between the teeth. My teeth feel noticeably cleaner with this as opposed to a manual brush. Battery lasts for many brushes on a single charge.

I bought this specific model because the higher priced models from Sonicare are a waste of money. The higher end models are the same hardware, but with a different outer skin and more software programming. The extra software options are not useful: they just vary the length of time and lower the intensity of the brushing action. Most people will not use these extra "features." If you need more time, you can turn the brush on again. Lowering the intensity defeats the purpose of an electric brush. A lower intensity is only useful if your teeth are very sensitive due to poor hygiene or due to injury.

The lower end models use the older style brush heads. I don't know for how long Sonicare will continue to provide replaceable heads for those, so I went with the cheapest model that uses the newest heads.

Sonicare's highest end model (DiamondClean) claims to clean even better than this model. That is only true of the brush head that model comes with. Those particular DiamondClean brush heads are compatible with this EasyClean model and can be purchased separately; therefore, cleaning performance between the two models are exactly the same.

Bottom line: This EasyClean model is the only model I recommend. Anything more expensive does not really provide anything extra (despite what the marketing department wants you to believe), and anything less expensive uses the old brush heads.

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1.0 out of 5 stars  doesn't last
By M. Eaton on July 10, 2013
Mine was purchased 3/12 used daily and stopped working in July 2013. I liked that it was easy to clean but such a short life.

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3.0 out of 5 stars  Only lasted a little less than a year BUT Phillips has great customer service
By QA on August 24, 2012
I bought this toothbrush on Sept 11, 2011 - Today (Aug 24, 2012) I need to order a new one. I am going to try a different model. This one stopped charging 2 days ago. I am very disapointed. While it was operating, it was awesome but I would expect more than a year of service. My previous Sonicare lasted well over 5 years - I only updated because I wanted one that had a smaller base & looked more updated.
I'm not sure what the warrenty is - by the time I find it in my mess of papers - it will probably have just expired. :)

8-28-12 -UPDATE - as another reviewer suggested to me, I did follow up with Phillips & they are sending me a new toothbrush handle today & a prepaid shipping label to send the defective one back. No hassel.
Great customer service.
I am appreciative of the reviewer that suggested that I follow up.

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