2016-12-25 Endodontic Prognosis: Clinical Guide for Optimal Treatment Outcome by Nadia Chugal DDS MS MPH, Louis M. Lin BDS PhD DMD Hardcover
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Endodontic Prognosis: Clinical Guide for Optimal Treatment Outcome
By Nadia Chugal DDS MS MPH (Editor) and Louis M. Lin BDS PhD DMD (Editor)
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Publisher:  Springer
Edition:  1st
Published:  December 25, 2016
Binding:  Hardcover
Pages:  243
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Product Description:
Endodontic Prognosis: Clinical Guide for Optimal Treatment Outcome serves as a clinical guide to help the practitioner improve endodontic treatment outcomes. It focuses on the various factors affecting the prognosis of endodontic treatments and on their impact on short-term and long-term results.

The text incorporates up-to-date knowledge, techniques and treatment protocols. Each chapter has been carefully chosen to address either foundational knowledge or a select aspect of endodontic treatment. The authors analyze the knowledge accumulated from a large number of outcome studies and provide the reader with a critical appraisal indicating the strengths and weaknesses of those studies. This information is then used to make recommendations on how to predict the outcome of the intended treatment. The authors emphasize that the endodontic prognosis is a multifactorial phenomenon, underscoring how various factors, singularly and in combination, influence the treatment outcome. Readers are provided with tools to successfully assess the prognosis of the proposed treatment at the outset and to execute the planned treatment focused on optimal outcome.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Endodontic Prognosis and Outcome
    —Nadia Chugal, (et al.)
  2. Microbiology and Immunology of Endodontic Infections
    —Luis E. Chávez de Paz, (et al.)
  3. Diagnosis of Pulpal and Periradicular Disease
    —Katsushi Okazaki, (et al.)
  4. Endodontic Treatment of Mature Teeth
    —Louis M. Lin, (et al.)
  5. Regenerative Approaches in Endodontic Therapies of Immature Teeth
    —Mo K. Kang, (et al.)
  6. Endodontic Pharmacotherapeutics
    —Helaine Brito-Gariepy, (et al.)
  7. Anatomy, Access, and Length Determination
    —Frederick Barnett
  8. Instrumentation and Disinfection of Root Canals
    —Frederic Barnett, (et al.)
  9. Obturation of Root Canals
    —Dag Ørstavik
  10. Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth
    —Nadim Z. Baba, (et al.)
  11. Local, Systemic, and Genetic Considerations of Endodontic Treatment Prognosis
    —Matthew Malek, (et al.)
  12. Criteria for Outcome Assessment of Nonsurgical Endodontic Treatment
    —Nadia Chugal, (et al.)
  13. From Tooth Retention Through Root Canal Treatment to Extraction and Replacement
    —Shane N. White, (et al.)
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