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4x Black Metal frame CM400 Binocular Dental Surgical Loupes
Songzi Optical Co. Ltd
Our Price: $289.00
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  • magnification:4X , Material: optical lens ,4 kinds of working distance : S(340mm), R(420mm), L(500mm), XL(550mm). Please notify us you need which working distance after place order.
  • How To Choose Your Loupes Determine your working distance, which will also automatically determine your field of view. While working on a friend or family member have someone measure the distance from your eyes to your patient's : this is you working distance. Choose the distance that is closest to the selection we offer.IF you are a dentist , your height is in the range from 160cm to 180CM,we recommend regular (420mm) working distance.
  • IF you're a surgeon, you are sitting while working, your height is from 160cm to180cm, we recommend working distance R (420mm ). IF you are standing while working, your height is from 170cm to 180cm, we recommend L (500mm) working distance, even XL(550mm) working distance will be OK.
  • Color: Black,Frame: sport frame, Field Of View: 55-65mm,Viewing Angle: 20-150 ,Depth of field: 80mm ,Weight: 80g
  • Certificate: ISO9001:2008,CE
Product Description:
This kind of product is widely used for many microsurgery,operations of dentistry,nerve and heart disease etc...and also the loupe is widely used for the eletronical industry,precise manufacture,textile facture and researcher or engineer who require the precise observation in Optical Magnification. The pupillary distance can be adjusted by one center axis,it is very simple and convenient for user. 4 type working distance : S(280 - 380 mm), R(360 - 460 mm), L(440 - 540 mm), XL(500 - 600 mm). Please choose your working distance when you will purchase ours loupes. Each Loupe Set is complete with headlamp clip, locking lanyard, microfiber lens cleaning cloth, screwdriver and padded case.
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