2011-11-28 3d Interactive Tooth Atlas: Dental Hygiene by eHuman DVD-ROM
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3d Interactive Tooth Atlas: Dental Hygiene
By eHuman
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Publisher:  Pearson Education Limited
Edition:  1st
Published:  November 28, 2011
Binding:  DVD-ROM
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Product Description:
 eHuman is a powerful visual library of world-class, rotatable 3D images and animations that allows students to explore the structures of the teeth and oral structures.  This is a perfect interactive learning tool for students taking their required dental anatomy, morphology, and histology courses in a Dental Hygiene (or Assisting) curricula.  
The Interactive Tooth Atlas has been developed specifically for the needs of dental hygiene student and practicing dental hygienists.  The Atlas contains information on Anatomy & Morphology, Embryology, a full 3-D tooth atlas, as well as Occlusion, Skull Anatomy, Caries, and study and review quizzes.  
This is a robust DVD full of valuable information presented in an interactive and engaging format.  It is a product that can be used across several courses in the dental hygiene curriculum, making it an invaluable resource that brings print content to life.
The content was built from faculty on the staff of Stanford University Dental School, in partnership with Summit Technologies, NASA, Loma Linda University and Henry Ford Health Systems.  There is literally no other product like this in the dental education field.
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