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Endodontic Microsurgery
By Enrique M. Merino MD DDS
4.5 out of 5 stars (2 Reviews)
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Publisher:  Quintessence Publishing Company
Edition:  1st
Binding:  Hardcover
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Product Description:
The key factors to successful endodontic surgery vision and precision are now readily attainable, thanks to the advent of the operating microscope. As always, however, the success or failure of treatment ultimately depends on the skill and knowledge of the clinician. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience, the author of this step-by-step approach to endodontic microsurgery patiently guides the reader through each phase of treatment: anesthesia, flap design and execution, osteotomy window creation, curettage, hemostasis, apicoectomy, ultrasonic retrocavity preparation, drying, obturation, and suturing. He also offers an in-depth explanation of the features, parts, and accessories of the operating microscope for effective use in the dental office, along with discussions of presurgical and postsurgical considerations, periodontal regeneration techniques, endo-perio relationships, and placement of immediate implants when the tooth cannot be saved. An excellent resource for endodontic specialists in search of a comprehensive and contemporary guide to effective microsurgical endodontic treatment.

Table of Contents:

  1. Magnifying the Surgical Field with an Operative Microscope
  2. Presurgical Considerations
  3. Endodontic Microsurgery Step by Step
  4. Postsurgical Considerations
  5. Endodontics and Periodontics
  6. Treatment of Bone Defects in Apical Endodontic Microsurgery
  7. Treatment of Bone Defects in Nonendodontic Microsurgery
  8. Implantology
  9. Success Rate of Surgical Endodontics
Most Helpful Customer Reviews:  
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4.0 out of 5 stars.  Good but pricey, September 18, 2012
By Fatboy
An excellent book. Chapter on microscope use helpful. Kim's book on endodontic surgery just as good. The text cost a little high, very good case documentation.

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5.0 out of 5 stars.  Excellent!, June 03, 2012
If you wish to get serious in apical microsurgery, you will get a very solid base with this book. Aren & Torabinejad's "Practical lesson in Endodontic Surgery" is still a good primer, but Merino's book is much more up to date. You will get in each steps, from flap design to apical resection, retrograde filling, each step explained with a lot of litterature reviewed.

Highly recommended!

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