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Managing Medical Emergencies In The Dental Office: Protocols & Case Reviews
By Dr. Lovell, Dr. M Schwindt and Dr. L Schwindt
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Publisher:  Singularis
Edition:  2nd
Published:  February 15, 2013
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  102
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Kindle  (2nd Edition) April 18, 2012 - -
Mass Market Paperback  1898 $42.83 $39.08
Product Description:
We are dedicated to providing easy to use tools for the thriving dental practice. Being there ourselves, we realize how difficult it is to accomplish patient care, administration and staff education simultaneously. By providing tools and resources, our team at Dental Practice Resource Group strives to lift the burden of fitting it all into an already busy practice. This manual will provide both the templates that we use in all our operatories as well as discussion of some actual cases we have been involved with and those our medical director and consultant (M.D.) has been involved in over the last 17 years.

Several of our staff have come to us from large multi-specialty practices in urban areas. The cases are both interesting and anxiety provoking. The goal of this manual is to instill a sense of comfort that your office can successfully manage the first few minutes of any medical emergency The overriding key in any medical emergency is to remain in control of yourself and your team. Take a deep breath, have a staff member call 911 and never leave the patient unattended during an emergency situation.

This guide is just a small portion of the resources and training offered by Dental Practice Resource Group. Realize that sampling just a portion will not provide the whole flavor or experience, but will build confidence and knowledge when dealing with medical emergencies.

Our M.D. Consultant has provided individual office training seminars that provides hands on experience utilizing mannequins, emergency equipment as outlined in this manual and practiced handling real scenarios. We encourage your staff to read through the flow sheets and case scenarios several times. The goal of this manual is to provide both familiarity and insight into the process of managing the initial few moments of any medical emergency. These templates (flow sheets) continue to serve our office and staff well and we believe they are the perfect tool to laminate and keep in every operatory. Reviewing them periodically at staff meetings is an easy way to keep everyone up to date. We suggest a minimum of biannual training refreshers sessions.

The list within is a suggestion as to what our practice group has found to be the minimum necessary equipment and supplies for a medical emergency kit. The templates below list common signs and symptoms but are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all possible presentations. If interested in the video series that accompanies this guide, please contact us. We are working on a format to deliver those and allow easier access with the help of digital technology and file sharing.

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