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Diseases of the Sinuses: Diagnosis and Management (Plus CD)
By David W. Kennedy MD FACS FRCSI, William E. Bolger MD FACS and S. James Zinreich MD
5.0 out of 5 stars (2 Reviews)
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Publisher:  B.C. Decker
Edition:  1st
Binding:  Hardcover
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Product Description:
Diseases of the Sinuses: A Comprehensive Textbook of Diagnosis and Treatment offers the definitive source of information about the basic science of the sinuses and the clinical approach to sinusitis. Since the widely praised publication of the first edition, understanding of sinus disease has changed dramatically, mainly as a result of recent developments and new discoveries in the field of immunology.

Developed by a distinguished group of international experts who share their expertise and insights from years of collective experience in treating sinus diseases, the book will appeal to anyone who has an interest in sinus disease, including both physicians and allied health professionals. Internists, pediatricians, allergists, otolaryngologists and infectious disease specialists will find the book to be an invaluable, comprehensive reference. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners who work with specialists who treat sinus disease will also benefit from the book.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:  
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5.0 out of 5 stars.  Five Stars, May 27, 2015
By andrew pedersen
Great description of sinus anatomy. Found it very helpful elucidating what I see in surgery

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5.0 out of 5 stars.  Diseases of the Sinuses: Short Review, January 26, 2001
By Hisham Shaalan, MD (Cairo, Egypt)
This book is a most up to date review of Sinusitis by the pioneers in the field. Chapters on Gross & radiographic Anatomy are innovative, elaborate and very well illustrated. Genetics, physiology and pathophysiology, particularly of sinus polyposis, were well covered. A good foundation and methodology was laid for the controversial subject on staging of sinusitis. The chapter on the concepts and surgical indications of FESS has added valuable depth and focus to the surgical management by a master in the field. Complications of FESS were accompanied by usefull guidlines on their prevention and managemnet, including additional highlights on surgical technique, legal and ethical considerations. The chapter on revision ESS for recurrent sinusitis is a new and usefull addition. More over the latest in technology e.g Image guided FESS and instrumentation were comfortably laid out. On the other hand, alternative and more extensive external approaches to sinus diseases were well exhibited by their pioneers. A most interesting feature is the included CD-ROM which in additon to providing capabilities like search and note taking, is a second bonus copy of the book to keep in my office.

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