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Paediatric Dentistry
By  Richard Welbury MB BS BDS PhD (Editor), Monty S. Duggal DDS MDS PhD (Editor) and Marie Therese Hosey DDS MSc BDS FDS RCPS (Editor)
4.5 out of 5 stars (2 Reviews)
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Publisher:  Oxford University Press
Edition:  4th
Published:  2012
Binding:  Paperback
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FormatEdition Published New from Used from
Paperback  (3rd Edition) September 1, 2005 $114.63 $4.40
Hardcover  (1st Edition) June 1, 1997 - -
Paperback  (1st Edition) January 15, 1997 - $7.07
Hardcover  (2nd Edition) July 31, 2002 $251.70 $94.27
Hardcover  (2nd Edition) May 3, 2002 $246.96 $63.80
Hardcover  (2nd Edition) 2002 $48.00 $42.34
Hardcover  (4th Edition) 2012 $40.32 $56.65
Paperback  (2nd Edition) June 15, 2001 $74.50 $2.40
Product Description:
Paediatric Dentistry fourth edition combines in-depth theoretical information and practical clinical skills to produce a highly relevant resource for undergraduate dentistry students and indeed any clinician in the field. With a user-friendly design, this new edition continues the extensive use of key points, advice on further reading and directions to important evidence. As a result this texts acts as both an essential study tool and a quick reference guide for the surgery. Paediatric Dentistry fourth edition contains a comprehensive survey of every important aspect in the field, including oral pathology, prevention and treatment of dental caries, and restorative dentistry.

The book now offers over 550 illustrations, including clinical photographs and information-packed diagrams. Explanations of key clinical procedures are supported by step-by-step illustrations incorporating photographs, x-ray scans and line drawings. Updated throughout, a new chapter on safeguarding children has also been included in order to prepare the reader for the role they might play in protecting the health and well being of vulnerable children. This reflects the child-centered approach that is integrated throughout the text.

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4.0 out of 5 stars.  Four Stars, August 19, 2014
By Karim R. Revoredo
Easy to read. Nice pictures.

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5.0 out of 5 stars.  Got to love this book, March 10, 2011
By ToothFairy
Anybody treating children in a dental setting should have a flick through this book. It's got it all in there from restorative to genetics. Despite being a rather hefty book and not one to be read in an evening believe me I've tried and failed before it's got lots of large colour photographs. These show everything from natal teeth, to very real grossly carious young mouths.
If you have to pick a peads dental book choose this one. I only wish they did it as an ebook...

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