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Prentice Hall Health's High Yield Facts of Dental Hygiene
4.5 out of 5 stars (2 Reviews)
Published:  September 13, 2002
Binding:  Paperback
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4.0 out of 5 stars.  Dental Hygiene review, May 13, 2010
By Dee (MO USA)
I am using this book to study for my dental hygiene written board exam. It seems to be a pretty good book, and I like the study format of it. It does have many typos though, which makes me wonder if all the information is correct... I hope so! Other than that, great book!

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5.0 out of 5 stars.  Excellent Layout, useful CD, August 21, 2006
By JerseyTomato (New England USA)
This review book covers all the stuff you need to know for the DH boards in an uncluttered visual fashion. Sure, you've read it all elsewhere, and you most certainly have most of the information in textbooks or buried in class notes. But even if you have one review book already, this one is helpful for the layout alone. Mosby's and Saunders have their merits, but the uncluttered nature of this book is what makes it shine. The material is presented in short, bullet type and chart type entries without long winded paragraphs of explanation. The lack of explanatory material will necessitate at least one other review source however. (Five stars for acheiving what it sets out to do.)

The Local Anesthesia information is very helpful as well, with excellent illustrations (there are many excellent ones throughout the book) as to which block, infiltration hits what area (PSA, MSA etc.) It was one of my main study guides for the actual unit on LA.

Short, sweet and a "just the fact's mam" kind of book. Great for a light day's work studying for the boards or for a class exam on that particular unit. Clarified several things taught in class and read elsewhere in other review materials, especially in Community Oral Heath. The CD is useful as well. The quiz units on the CD score you overall as well as for each section of the board (percent correct in micro, infection control, A and P, etc.,) so you can see where your weak areas are. Very helpful!

Also a good book to buy as a first year student to help study for class exams, esp. if the professor isn't a great lecturer! Not your only resource, but a very, very good one.

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