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Tooth Sense: Uncovering Hidden Secrets of Better Dentistry and Living
By Jeffrey A. Oras DMD
5.0 out of 5 stars (2 Reviews)
Availability:  Available for immediate delivery.
Publisher:  iUniverse
Published:  December 17, 2012
Binding:  Paperback
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Product Description:
The prospect of dental care for many presents no problem, yet for others it does. Jeffrey A. Oras, DMD, has looked beyond age-old stereotypes attached to anxiety about dentistry, widening his understanding of what makes this anxiety unique both to dental care and at the same time related to how all of us, whether anxious or not about dental care, respond to life itself. Tooth Sense is meant to not only demystify what is behind all this, but also to offer practical insights and solutions so that everyone can more comfortably receive better care--whether you're going in for a complicated procedure or routine cleaning.

The author's quest to develop the concept of Tooth Sense has taken him well beyond his original intentions, into the mysteries behind the evolution of the mouth and its surrounding organs and how the workings of this part of our anatomy may significantly impact the quality of all aspects of our lives.

Part memoir, part practical guidebook, and part invitation to join Dr. Oras in looking more fully at what comprises these mysteries, Tooth Sense also assesses for dentists and patients alike the impact of various ways that dentistry is actually delivered, such as through dental office design or through using team based practice models. Throughout, we are encouraged to view dentistry as much more than a set of procedures and protocols.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:  
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5.0 out of 5 stars.  Couldn't put it down, January 06, 2014
By Amy
Excellent read. Well written and thought provoking. Interesting to read what it is like from the other side of the dental chair. Learned alot about myself great thoughts, great books can do that.

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5.0 out of 5 stars.  I Truly Appreciate This Book, May 05, 2013
By Finnscott
This is a bravely and wonderfully written exploration written by a dentist who takes us to a place where we can exlore the complicated emotions we experience as we sit in the often feared, even dreaded dental chair.
The book is both a personal and honest account of the journey to becoming a dentist and then
practicing dentistry with compassion and curiosity and observing the different ways patients respond to the
procedures. A new awareness of the complicated human being opened up to me as I read and reread the book.
I highly recommend Tooth Sense as a bridge to a new way of looking at a common experience we all share.

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