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Marshall Cavendish Children's Books
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5.0 out of 5 stars.  This book is a perfect one for the classroom on dentist's office!, June 11, 2009
By D. Fowler
Remember when you lost your two front teeth? It was a little difficult to talk properly at times and would sound like thsssss at times. Just think what would happen if you didn't have any teeth at all! You'd not only have a tough time talking, but eating would be a major problem. Teeth are very important because the "help you tear and chew your food" as well as help you speak "clearly and correctly." Your very first teeth you get when you are a baby are called "primary teeth." When you start losing those teeth around the age of six, you get thirty-two permanent ones, but of course you need to take good care of them!

The top part of the tooth is called the crown and it is covered by enamel. If you could go inside the tooth, you would see dentin, pulp and the root which is covered by "a layer of tough tissue called cementum." It doesn't sound complicated, but each one of these substances plays a very important role in the health of your teeth. You have different types of teeth, each with a different job to do. You have eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars and eight molars. Hmmm, if you stick your finger (clean please!) in your mouth you should be able to count all thirty-two of them, unless of course you haven't got them all in yet. Now in order to keep these teeth you'll have to keep the bacteria from forming plaque on your teeth to prevent them from forming cavities. Remember to brush and floss your teeth properly and visit your dentist and every six months!

This book is a perfect one for the classroom or dentist's office. It is for grades two and up, but can be read to younger children. It is not lengthy, but clear, concise and important to not only stress dental heath issues, but important to the overall health of a child. There are full color photographs, informative and interesting sidebars, a glossary (important words are set in bold type throughout the text), an index, and additional recommended books, a DVD and web sites. Did you know that George Washington even had a set of false teeth made from a cow's teeth? Mooo kidding?!

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